IF: Prehistoric - The Invention of Painting

"what are you doing?"
Good thing little Gugu started playing with those red thingies on the floor.

Still on time for illustration friday. This has been sitting in my sketchpad since the weekend but i was on vacation at indonesia so i wasn't able to start on it. :D Plus me and jim were watching a lot of House. :P

As usual, done with photoshop.  I wanted this one to be really simple, i used the lasso tool a lot and i've finally managed to stop myself from shading and rendering skin - and there's a lot of skin in there too.

A couple of wips:

Thanks for any comments and crits :D

Black Madonna

I wanted to try out something different but i'm not sure if i like it. It's kind of like a digital collage. The hardest part is the linework because i have naturally shaky hands :S

I've been doing figure drawing studies lately, it's difficult and intimidating, i feel like the book is judging me. Maybe that's why I seek comfort in drawing unproportional weird bodies, kind of like this one. it's fun and liberating. :D That doesn't mean i give up on figure drawing, though. Love and hate thing.

I'll probably be giving this to my mom. any comments? crits? are the colors all over the place?

IF: Savour

At the rate he's chewing, they will surely lose.. Is it wrong though, to savour every bite? :D

For those unfamiliar with what they're doing, apple eating contest is one of the common party games in my country. You hang up apples and you're not supposed to touch 'em while eating. First team to finish, wins! :D

I need to learn how to unify my images..and colors, and anatomy.. oh..so much more to study.

kun and chan

finished! this will be for our wedding site which we're currently doing :) hopefully it'll be done soon!
kun and chan

 this is my fave work so far :D

I also saved wips to show my very straight forward process. in step 3, i used screen mode to give me an easier way to pick colors for the highlights.




did you get my message?

i got some neat paper textures and i couldn't help myself. something simple/shallow :D jason mraz's "did you get my message" kept playing on my head the entire time i was doing this.

IF: Spent

when the oceans are spent, the whales and fishes won't have anywhere else to swim. that's all the home they have.

IF: beneath

the moon stays still as the world moves beneath her

this is so unfinished.. :O i have no idea what to do with the dress. suggestions anyone? in the beginning i was planning for this to be more graphic and textured but i guess i still can't escape this style.  i don't enjoy these colors anymore but i hope i can get myself to polish it, so um.. critics/suggestions please? :)

IF: Old Fashioned

 "Mommy is so old fashioned.  Why does she make me wear the same dress like her?  I don't even like polka dots.."

Finished it early! Yay! Done with photoshop and intuos.

B for Bee and Balloon and Big hair?

Dug this one out from my WIP folder, I almost forgot about this one.  Just something fun to draw and I still had cutesy hangover from watching Babies! It was really cute, I love Bayar!

Done in Photoshop with Intuos.

IF: Proverb (and Dessert!)

"To be truly happy and contented, you must let go of what it means to be happy or content."

 Okay, I'm late for IF again, this is supposedly for dessert.  Good thing Google knows a lot of proverbs! This is basically the summary of my one month's worth of diet -- turning my back on the yummy stuff.  But at least I'm losing weight and eating healthy, so it's not that bad. (right?)  Happiness is not in a big bowl of banana split :D

"Must fit in wedding gown"  - my proverb :D

Oooh and i have a new intuos 4! woohoo! I named him klimt after Klimt. :D

three little ninjas

One day three little ninjas made of felt cloth came up to me and told me that if i were to create a website, they'd be guarding it and taking care of it with every fiber and zipper they had (they swore). I asked them, why the hell they'd do that? And this mustached ninja started telling a long story, something about their destiny blah blah.. So what the heck, I agreed, because they were cute and I needed a website. And now I'm still up because they're forcing me to start brainstorming and designing my site already. Darn persistent ninjas..

IF: Diary and WIP

ok! I didn't want to miss this week's topic :D I'm posting this too late, I hope someone can still see it. I did this while relaxing from work.

I did it with a ballpoint pen and added tints later in photoshop. She wasn't anyone in particular, then she became Eurydice. Saddest love story I've ever heard. Other pairs in the tree are Romeo&Juliet, Cupid(It should've been Eros)&Psyche, Narcissus&Narcissus :), Lancelot&Guinevere, Hades&Persephone. All, tragic. And I also added in verses from sad love poems, by edar allan poe and pablo neruda because I thought it fits. (i guess it's too small to be readable).

And I also started a digital version which hopefully I can finish.  Sorry for the misleading thumb..

And if anyone's interested, here's the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Orpheus: "On his mother's side he was more than mortal. He was the son of one of the Muses and a Tracian prince. His mother gave him the gift of music and Thrace where he grew up fostered it. The Thracians were the most musical of the peoples of Greece. But Orpheus had no rival there or anywhere except the gods alone. There was no limit to his power when he played and sang. No one and nothing could resist him.
In the deep still woods upon the Thracian mountains
Orpheus with his singing lyre led the trees,
Led the wild beasts of the wilderness.
Everything animate and inanimate followed him. He moved the rocks on the hillside and turned the courses of the rivers....
When he first met and how he wooed the maiden he loved, Euridice, we are not told, but it is clear that no maiden he wanted could have resisted the power of his song. They were married, but their joy was brief. Directly after the wedding, as the bride walked in a meadow with her bridesmaids, a viper stung her and she died. Orpheus' grief was overwhelming. He could not endure it. He determined to go down to the world of death and try to bring Eurydice back. He said to himself,
With my song
I will charm Demeter's daughter,
I will charm the Lord of the Dead,
Moving their hearts with my melody.
I will bear her away from Hades.
He dared more than any other man ever dared for his love. He took the fearsome journey to the underworld. There he struck his lyre, and at the sound all that vast multitude were charmed to stillness....
O Gods who rule the dark and silent world,
To you all born of a woman needs must come.
All lovely things at last go down to you.
You are the debtor who is always paid.
A little while we tarry up on earth.
Then we are yours forever and forever.
But I seek one who came to you too soon.
The bud was plucked before the flower bloomed.
I tried to bear my loss. I could not bear it.
Love was too strong a god, O King, you know
If that old tale men tell is true, how once
The flowers saw the rape of Proserpine,
Then weave again for sweet Eurydice
Life's pattern that was taken from the loom
Too quick. See, I ask a little thing,
Only that you will lend, not give, her to me.
She shall be yours when her years' span is full.
No one under the spell of his voice could refuse him anything. He
Drew iron tears down Pluto's cheek,
and made Hell grant what Love did seek.
They summoned Eurydice and gave her to him, but upon one condition: that he would not look back at her as she followed him, until they had reached the upper world. So the two passed through the great doors of Hades to the path which would take them out of the darkness, climbing up and up. He knew that she must be just behind him, but he longed unutterably to give one glance to make sure. But now they were almost there, the blackness was turning gray; now he had stepped out joyfully into the daylight. Then he turned to her. It was too soon; she was still in the cavern. He saw her in the dim light, and he held out his arms to clasp her; but on the instant she was gone. She had slipped back into the darkness. All he heard was one faint word, "Farewell."
Desperately he tried to rush after her and follow her down, but he was not allowed. The gods would not consent to his entering the world of the dead a second time, while he was still alive. He was forced to return to the earth alone, in utter desolation. Then he forsook the company of men. He wandered through the wild solitudes of Thrace, comfortless except for his lyre, playing, always playing, and the rocks and the rivers and the trees heard him gladly, his only companions. But at last a band of Maenads [women] came upon him....They slew the gentle musician, tearing him limb from limb, borne along past the river's mouth on to the Lesbian shore; nor had it suffered any change from the sea when the Muses found it and buried it in the sanctuary of the island. His limbs they gathered and placed in a tomb at the foot of Mount Olympus, and there to this day the nightingales sing more sweetly than anywhere else. "

IF: Giant

kids, don't ever do this..

Who's small now?

i made a flat color and a shaded version, i like the flat one better. what do you think?

a friend said i should put watermarks in my drawings so i started placing them. but i think the drawing looks weird with it. :?

IF: Satellite

full moon rising on a city scape = an awesome sight.

kid sketches

for a project with a friend :D


i found a fun way to learning illustrator - making these cutesy monsters! :D The tutorial was from blog.spoongraphics

Trying out Illustrator

Just figured I'm gonna have to learn illustrator.  This one's from a tutorial of a bunny drawing.

words and books

I feel also that talent must be in company with a capacity for unlimited effort, which provides the power that eventually hurdles the difficulties that would frustrate lukewarm enthusiasm.
- Loomis

I'm about to read Loomis' book "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" :D

And speaking of books and reading books (what did i say?), me and Jim have been going to the local library and I've started reading "The Last Elf" which I saw on a friend's blog. And on my way to the book I saw this funny title on display: "How to Cook Children". The illustrations by Colin Stimpson are ADORABLE! I wanna do something like that someday (oh pretty pretty please universe..)

IF: Trail

I'm hours late for 'trail' topic :( I'll post it anyway in case anyone's still interested to see it.  Now moving on to 'ripple'..

I think I should stick to simpler drawings next time.  But this was so fun to do :D I'm now in love with children's book type illustration. Anyone have a job for me?

Little Laine couldn't go to sleep. She can't stop thinking of the cookies her mommy baked this afternoon. It was golden brown with huge chunks of milk chocolate and smelled so delightful. She thought she could have one for dessert but mommy said "Not till tomorrow."  Little Laine waited until all the other lights were out and went to the kitchen.  She should be quiet like a ninja so she wore her fluffy panda slippers. She found the cookies in the fridge and took just one. Then took another one. Then took another one. Then she heard steps coming to the kitchen so she got one last cookie and hid in the shadows.  Too bad for Little Laine, crumbs of cookies fell as she was running, leaving a trail of her escape.

First Attempt at..

Web graphics!  Here's a logo I did for my fiance:

IF: Slither

Do earthworms slither or wiggle or creep?

I used to meet an earthworm a day in my old apartment, in the toilet - Eep! Anyway, i tried out using textures c/o mayang.

This was fun! New thing - dreadlocks kids!

Pointless Coloring Fun

Solid colors inside lines = Pointless Fun
 It's never too early for a night person

Oh and this is for illustration friday's topic "Early". I'm glad i stumbled upon that site. :D Nice de-stressor.


This is not for PROJ 365, I have this set of post-its i got as freebies when i bought wonka. OCness tools of the trade.

Day 20: Trying Monalisa

Me and painter is an unstable pair. Now I hate it. This one was started with painter, and I scrapped everything i did there but the line work. So i'm back to photoshop.  I used the monalisa as reference for the lighting, and the eyes accidentally became similar to it (i think).

I started this project hoping to find my own style in painting but now, in my 20th day i find that i have overreached. I skipped the fundamentals and because of that i think my past efforts are just that - efforts. I have not improved nor have i gotten any sense of my style. With that said, i'm going to start studying - lines, anatomy, color theory, composition, etc.  That first and hopefully with time, i'll get my style down.  art can be so frustrating.

Day 19: Fanart

hehe, this is bound to happen. My roots are tied with anime anyway. Rukia from bleach. And and and i tried corel painter. It was a pain to use until i found the right brush! and there are a LOT of brushes, you'd lose your head. Plus, i really have very little experience with traditional media so it's harder. But i'm kinda loving it, i like how this one turned out. Around 1 hour i think, with most of the time choosing the brush that works best for me. 

PS. random colors are FUN!

- Day 16 (steampunk)
- Day 18 (snake charmer)

PSS. if i am to survive this project 365 i gotta start doing easier subjects and what subject do i find easier to do than faces. so yeah, expect a lot of faces. :D

Day 17: women wearing black

Day 16 is the steampunk piece i can't get myself to do, i don't know maybe i have grand illusions about it. bleah. Anyway. This piece is trying to be graphic and minimalist. did it succeed? i think it became too plain but the red is hurting my eyes already. (hmm red again, too much spartacus?)

Day 15: red

I want red hair. red hair rocks! Done while watching spartacus. That show loves blood. I don't know if i like it yet, i'm still in episode 2. This girl kinda looks like that kid from death note with white hair. I'm kinda lost with shading, i thought i had it in the bag but now i'm confused again.

Day 14: Layel

Just an OC from years years back. the eyes are weird i know. but whatever, i'm too tired of this. i'll just make a better one in the future. all my drawings have been pretty crappy theses days. i blame it on the steampunk piece i have yet to finish.

Day 13: couple's wallpaper

we have couple's shirts, so why not? this is not really wallpaper size, i know..

Finally blogger decides to work!

Day 12: From Amelie

I was not in the mood to do anything creative, so another quick thing from me. uninspired and crappy. i do love this movie for all time! i used to watch this every year. Actually, for today I was planning on just print-screening the restaurant city of jim coz he asked me to redesign his. I thought yeah that could pass as something for project 365 but it won't feel right so, here. it's 4am and i gotta sleep.
I also tried doing value uh studies (?) for the previous drawing. I don't know if this process is for me though.

Day 11: sketch

This is all i can come up with because it is 1 in the morning and it will be impossible to finish this and still get some sleep. so yeah, some days its just gonna be this or some studies. Actually, I do need to go back to studying anatomy again, so expect study sketches soon.

Something I'm wishing would look steampunk-ish. I don't know how the hell that hummingbird got there. I am not posting this on DA, figured this is gonna be so easy to rip off.

(Some well known artist in DA had her beautiful work copied by some loser who even tries to sell it on ebay. horrifying. that's the worst thing anyone could steal from you. Um, so now i'm kinda wary of posting stuff on DA, haha i'm not even well known. but imagine if that happened to me, no one would even hear me. )

Day 10: A weird face i don't like

Almost halfway while doing this, i totally got tired of it. It's freaking weird. The only thing i like about it is the hair. i'll never ever redo this again. so here she is, miss day 10.
Darn, my eyes hurt a lot, and my sight is blurry! time for sleep!

Day 9: Baby Delivery!

This is so much fun to do! I must have been laughing or making funny sounds whenever I look at this baby. haha! hihihi..

(why the heck can't i upload to blogger???)

I might make a series with this and day8 in it. :D

(Oh and watch the babies trailer for your daily dose of cuteness!)

Day 8: Rain, lamp and what nots

I'm just glad this is done. I got myself troubling too much about the composition and colors. I can't be bothered with this anymore. Sorry picture if you weren't as good as I thought, I can't imagine myself editing you again but who knows.

At least it looks like something you'll see in a children's book, right?

By the way this is Jim's idea, he thought of it while he was having a headache. haha. I think you need to be depressed or lost or having a headache to make a drawing like this, well at least I tried. and i'm glad i'm not depressed :D

Day 7: Om

As the creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as sound "OM"

I've been into this symbol ever since i learned about it in college. I've been thinking of making this into a tattoo, will probably get to that design one of these days.

Day 7: Sunset light. (In this resolution, the arm seems detached. will get to that someday.)

P.S. This was supposed to be a self-portrait but Jim says I don't look like it so . . . failed. (Hmm, maybe the lips?)

Day 6: Penguin

As suggested by Jim, a penguin for day 6.

Penguins look real funny even when they're mad. Well this one's supposed to be some sorta mystic/shaman penguin hehe imagine having hair like that, who would ever need gel?

(i hit my face on a wall OUCH!)