Day 10: A weird face i don't like

Almost halfway while doing this, i totally got tired of it. It's freaking weird. The only thing i like about it is the hair. i'll never ever redo this again. so here she is, miss day 10.
Darn, my eyes hurt a lot, and my sight is blurry! time for sleep!

Day 9: Baby Delivery!

This is so much fun to do! I must have been laughing or making funny sounds whenever I look at this baby. haha! hihihi..

(why the heck can't i upload to blogger???)

I might make a series with this and day8 in it. :D

(Oh and watch the babies trailer for your daily dose of cuteness!)

Day 8: Rain, lamp and what nots

I'm just glad this is done. I got myself troubling too much about the composition and colors. I can't be bothered with this anymore. Sorry picture if you weren't as good as I thought, I can't imagine myself editing you again but who knows.

At least it looks like something you'll see in a children's book, right?

By the way this is Jim's idea, he thought of it while he was having a headache. haha. I think you need to be depressed or lost or having a headache to make a drawing like this, well at least I tried. and i'm glad i'm not depressed :D

Day 7: Om

As the creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as sound "OM"

I've been into this symbol ever since i learned about it in college. I've been thinking of making this into a tattoo, will probably get to that design one of these days.

Day 7: Sunset light. (In this resolution, the arm seems detached. will get to that someday.)

P.S. This was supposed to be a self-portrait but Jim says I don't look like it so . . . failed. (Hmm, maybe the lips?)

Day 6: Penguin

As suggested by Jim, a penguin for day 6.

Penguins look real funny even when they're mad. Well this one's supposed to be some sorta mystic/shaman penguin hehe imagine having hair like that, who would ever need gel?

(i hit my face on a wall OUCH!)

Day 5

Wow this took a loong time to do but it was fun! My vision is now blurry for some reason. I like this one though, (well right now, i do). Is the fishy cute or what? :D

I first thought of this when I was in our house last december, must've been staring too long at the aquarium. Day 5 - end!

Day 4

Tried out boby chiu's 3 arrow method. Tada! My boyfriend:

I also edited yesterday's post, coz it was creepy and disappointing. Sleep!

Day 3

I wanted to try out painting dark skin and i followed a really great guide from navate. (check it out here). This one's much better than the last one.

No ref for the face. The turban is a cut-and-paste-and-paint-over-it-a-bit-so-it-doesn't-look-out-of-place thing (it's erin's turban from america's next top model when tyra shot them).

I sure hope I can keep this up! Here's to day 4! (it's 1 in the morning!)

day two

well, day 2. super rushed and when uninspired, do a portrait. i think i saw her in the train this morning, she had these thick fake lashes and heavily lined eyes which made her eyes disappear into black-ness and bangs that were kinda too straight.


joining the project 365 bandwagon, but since i'm not a photographer (yet) i'm doing drawings/sketches/paintings/stuff-i-do. here is day one:
started with artrage, finished with ps. good thing i got ps already, i'm a mess with artrage.