homework from jason manley

i caught this as i was browsing through CA:
1. Self portrait
2. Portrait of a member of the opposite sex
3. Portrait of a family member
4. Portrait of a person you are in love with
5. Portrait of a person who you wish was in love with you!
6. Portrait study from the great masters
7. Abstract portrait which communicates your inner self.
8. Editorial portrait of a public figure
9. Editorial portrait of a celebrity
10. Portrait from imagination (any)
11. Portraits of strangers (coffee shop, airport, or anywhere else)
12. Portraits of strippers! Some of you are old enough and are up for adventure. Go for it.
13. Portrait of the elderly (go draw at the old folks home! I used to do that when I was a kid and they love it and the place will say yes I'd think!)
14. Portrait of a child
15. Double portrait
16. Portrait of yourself as the opposite sex
17. Portrait of a famous artist.
18. Portrait of someone sleeping.
19. Portrait of someone who is of a race other than your own.
20. Portrait of a homeless person. (in honor off Mr. el coro himself!)

i hope i have the time for this.