Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

A personal piece done for childrensillustrator.deviantart.com, a group at deviantart.  This month's topic was Little Red Riding Hood.  Good thing I had some free time to finish this piece.  I learn a lot from doing personal pieces because I get to experiment and explore without limits and fear.

It's still missing something though..

Done with Photoshop + Wacom

IF: Layer

Having fun under layers and layers of bubbles

I think this is the first time I've re-used something for IF.  This one's for a book I'm currently doing.  I'm loving the palette I chose :) Thanks to design-seeds, that very cute site with color palette suggestions.

IF: Reverse

woah..  You must feel super awesome when you know how to do a flip.

Speed paint done in photoshop, ref pic was used for the flipping dude (@ flickr).

First Pattern Ever

I spend a huge amount of my day browsing other artist's sites and works.  Last week I came across the wonderful art of Meg Hunt (via twitter).  She had the cutest twitter background.  So naturally I was envious and that made me do my first pattern ever! Woot! It was loads of fun and I'm thinking of doing another one, with easier subjects.. This did damage to my already damaged thumb.  Making it seamless was hard, because I probably did it wrong. hehe That's what you get when you don't read tutorials first.  Well, here's to my first pattern ever!

See it in action: twitter

IF: Surrender

Dancer's Pose

When things get hard, breathe, let go and surrender. At least in yoga.