IF: Sight

This little charmer's got his sights on a pretty girl from his class. Ah to be young and in love!

IF: Sink

This little dude was just looking for his toy boat that sank.

I don't like this piece so much.. I was experimenting with a new style and it didn't work for me.  But that's how it goes.  It's just frustrating when you have a good vision but lack the skill to execute it.  Practice practice!

Someday I'll redo this.

IF: Brigade

click to view bigger image :)


This still feels a unfinished, something bugs me.  But I have to do some work now..


I decided to join The Sketchbook Project!  It has been two weeks and the sketchbook's not here yet :S I hope I get it next week and in good condition. But I couldn't wait for it and got to work on my first drawing. I'm also learning to use traditional media so it was a good practice.

You had to choose a theme for the sketchbook and I went with "The Last Word Ever Spoken".  It was tragic and dramatic and can be taken literally.  I don't think a lot :)

This is the final. It didn't go as planned because I couldn't control the watercolor! :S

I like seeing how other artists work, so I thought I'd take pictures while making it:

Annoying masking fluid :(  I let it completely dry before rubbing it out but it still ruined the paper.  Maybe I put too much? I'll try to stay away from masking fluid..

Finally, I outlined with colored pencils.  I thought it lacked movement so I used white acrylic for the vertical lines.  I couldn't find any white gel pen, that would have been better.

With the box bear ;)

IF: Round

For all would-be moms :)

You can now buy it at my shop!

IF: Vanity

Little Sharpay just can't tear herself away from the cameras. :)  That's Amy enjoying the dance and Bridget getting frustrated with Sharpay.

IF: Silent

This is inspired by our very hot November weather.

very hot Sunday afternoon + cold soda + pail of water = not bad


And here's our turtle, sleeping on a Sunday afternoon.  (it can get really boring in an aquarium, I guess)


EDIT:  I've been making a bunch of illustrations to update my portfolio and I think this one fits Silent too.

EDIT:  Thank you for all the comments! Really appreciate it!

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IF: Stripes

I love drawing these feel good pictures.  Coffee while raining = ♥ 

This one was inspired when me and my husband had breakfast at this cute cafe near the hotel when we were in Bangkok. 

I have drawn a lot of striped scarves but I don't own one. :S  I think they look awesome in pictures.  I have another idea for stripes, I hope I can pull it off in time for friday!

EDIT:  Thank you for all the wonderful comments!

If you want to own this illustration, please buy it from my shop: society6


Going Traditional: Lord Snow

Another pencil drawing, this time of Jon Snow. For the background, I scraped a black chalk pastel and then scrubbed the dust using cotton. I then erased parts of it to make the trees and snow. The result is messy! You can't control the powder so much.  I think I have to stick with just shading+smudging for now.

I had to edit the cloak in Photoshop because it was awful. I also did some adjustments using levels and curves and I placed a Color layer on top to change the colors to a bluish hue.


Going Traditional: Pencil

I did a realistic Daenerys with her little dragon but halfway I thought it would be more fun and more me to do a cartoonish one. I haven't rendered anything with pencils except for sloppy sketches so this is not as awesome as I wanted it to be. Even with an eraser, I found myself to be timidly applying strokes. I guess with practice, I'll get more confident. :)

(I still used photoshop, to edit the colors and the lighting.)