the blog is begging me to write (though there is nothing to put up yet).

i got corel painter essentials 4 during the weekend and its a whole new painting experience. i like it much better than photoshop mainly because i can blend colors much easier. but i agree with other reviews on the detailing part - use photoshop. at first i was struck with shock and awe coz there were just too many brushes i wanna try. now i'm down to using just four and i'm making some decent progress.

art update

i joined a komikon contest recently, a concept art of an underwater creature. when i found out about that i was already browsing through conceptart like hell. and i thought, this is how i ought to be in the future. { in the near future i hope. (in the very near.) } bottomline, i joined with my five months worth of photoshop+wacom experience. and after a week++, i came up with this: (this is just a part of the original image)

romei, nihongo for ephemeral.

she's a deep sea creature. the type which gets by with no sunlight at all. how she came to be is unknown. what is known is that she has been a prisoner of the abyss for thousands of years. (note: really really long time and since it has been that long, the reason for her imprisonment is unknown) she is immortal and gets to live one day of freedom in every millenia.

this won third place. :D


it has become a ritual of mine to mark the beginning of everything.

and that is the purpose of this post.