IF: Old Fashioned

 "Mommy is so old fashioned.  Why does she make me wear the same dress like her?  I don't even like polka dots.."

Finished it early! Yay! Done with photoshop and intuos.

B for Bee and Balloon and Big hair?

Dug this one out from my WIP folder, I almost forgot about this one.  Just something fun to draw and I still had cutesy hangover from watching Babies! It was really cute, I love Bayar!

Done in Photoshop with Intuos.

IF: Proverb (and Dessert!)

"To be truly happy and contented, you must let go of what it means to be happy or content."

 Okay, I'm late for IF again, this is supposedly for dessert.  Good thing Google knows a lot of proverbs! This is basically the summary of my one month's worth of diet -- turning my back on the yummy stuff.  But at least I'm losing weight and eating healthy, so it's not that bad. (right?)  Happiness is not in a big bowl of banana split :D

"Must fit in wedding gown"  - my proverb :D

Oooh and i have a new intuos 4! woohoo! I named him klimt after Klimt. :D