thrown out of my home

my apartment got flooded because of typhoon ondoy - the whole first floor. good thing i was already awake when it started. (i initially placed rugs under the door, lol. who would've thought it would get worse?) the water quickly went up, the roaches went in(yuck yuck yuck), the washing machine floated downstairs, and i was rendered incapable of doing anything. good thing i was able to get a pack of biscuits and water! and good thing my neighbors were kind, gave me food and helped me bring up the washing machine to safety. two weeks after the flood and my life has not gone back to normal. i am unable to practice any art, join any CHOWS, or go back to my apartment. i'm off to clean it during the weekends. i just hope the storms don't hit us like that again.

hopefully i'll get to post artworks again next week!

another study plan

ok i'm gonna try to do this, one lesson each night starting tonight. (i dunno if i can still lift a pen after 3hrs of yoga later) This is from CA academy over at conceptart. i hope i can stick to this one.

Assignment #0 - Starting Out
Assignment #1 - Line Drawing
Assignment #2 - Line Weight
Assignment #3 - Self Portrait
Assignment #4 - Perspective
Assignment #5 - Shading Assignment
Assignment #6 - Sketching Assignment
Assignment #7 - Value Breakdown
Assignment #8 - Values

Atelier Assignment - Bargue Drawing

and maybe take something off of these topics.

Theme - Anatomy
Theme - Animal Anatomy
Theme - Bargue Drawing
Theme - Cast Drawing
Theme - Colour Theory
Theme - Composition
Theme - Drapery
Theme - Expressions
Theme - Gestures
Theme - Human hands
Theme - Life Painting
Theme - Master's Copies
Theme - Mechanical objects
Theme - Novel Interpretation
Theme - Perspective and Basic Shapes
Theme - Portraits From Life
Theme - Ron Lemen's face-shapes assignment..
Theme - Self Portraits
Theme - Still Life
Theme - Textures

and of course, i still have to do my bridgman studies. a lot to do. i tried to join a mentoring class online, i guess it's just not for me or maybe i'm just a hard-headed prick. but i seriously want to step up my game and i think the best way to do that is still to attend a formal art class and an exclusively devoted time for art study and practice. with someon to keep kicking your ass so you won't just be a lazy dreamer.

(i probably am the worst blogger. and the best procrastinator.)

edit: added things to study (also from a post at ca academy) >>>

Human anatomy
- The whole body.
- The face. If you misplace a line just a bit the whole expression of the face
will change. Make studies of photos, your friends or yourself.
- The hands are also important (and hard) to learn.
- Daily cloting. It's important to learn how cloth wrinkles, how different
types of cloth looks and fits.

Gestures & styles
You need to be diverse and get fresh ideas. Learning some different styles
can be a good idea.
- Draw from life using your friends or people at a cafe, a bus or somewhere.
How does a person pose when he opens a door, reaches for his keys, and looks
intimidated by an artist?
- Marvel. How does the Marvel artists represent the human body with lines?
What details are important and what is simplified?
- Modesty Blaise, or some fairly realistic comic style. Drawing gradiations
with just blacks and whites isn't easy.
- Manga or a style you like. Again, how does the artist convert the human
anatomy into lines and color blobs? What parallels can you draw between the
different styles?

Putting your character in an enviroment really brings it alive. This is
something I definately need to learn myself.
- Landscapes with fields, mountains or whatever.
- A dense forest or a jungle.
- An urban or industrial 'landscape'.
- An indoor setting, like a room with furniture. Boring, I know. To be
honest I haven't done this yet.

Fetch an animal book...
..and draw some animals. A good way to design a monster is to morph different
animals into one.
- Insects, bugs and other small things. Mother nature have spent millions of
years perfecting the designs, so you better study them.
- Fishes and other swimming things.
- Mammals.
- Reptiles.
- Birds.
- Dinosaurs.

Common animals
These are especially important since they are more commonly seen.
- Horses.
- Cats.
- Dogs.

You also need to practice drawing machinery. It can be useful when designing
robots and planet-smashing vengence-crazed battledroids.
- Cars of different models.
- Digging and working macinery.
- Military vehicles.

Still lifes
- Flowers
- fruit
- skeletons
- sculpts
- chunks of wood
- rusty metal parts

art update: Desire

also done for CHOW but i didn't finish it before the deadline. reminder to self: include the background when doing drafts. i have no decent background so far. i was originally gonna do delirium but desire won in the end. in the sandman series, desire is either male or female so no boobies and a short haircut. yes, i just thought of that now.

art update: Killer Prom Queen

i have finally managed to finish a chow. and here she is, tiffany may killer prom queen. i forgot to draw the crown, yeah.

click image for full view :D


homework from jason manley

i caught this as i was browsing through CA:
1. Self portrait
2. Portrait of a member of the opposite sex
3. Portrait of a family member
4. Portrait of a person you are in love with
5. Portrait of a person who you wish was in love with you!
6. Portrait study from the great masters
7. Abstract portrait which communicates your inner self.
8. Editorial portrait of a public figure
9. Editorial portrait of a celebrity
10. Portrait from imagination (any)
11. Portraits of strangers (coffee shop, airport, or anywhere else)
12. Portraits of strippers! Some of you are old enough and are up for adventure. Go for it.
13. Portrait of the elderly (go draw at the old folks home! I used to do that when I was a kid and they love it and the place will say yes I'd think!)
14. Portrait of a child
15. Double portrait
16. Portrait of yourself as the opposite sex
17. Portrait of a famous artist.
18. Portrait of someone sleeping.
19. Portrait of someone who is of a race other than your own.
20. Portrait of a homeless person. (in honor off Mr. el coro himself!)

i hope i have the time for this.

the drug

while life is being an unfair bitch to me, the only means to lift my sunken spirits up is to fill my head with inspirations of things to create. and that is a mean feat as i am in a black hole, in many ways.

enough of depressants.. last night i finally pinned down the composition for something i've been trying to do for days. i'll start rendering tonight. :D and after that i might do the vampire pair G and G when i figure out a baddass pose for them. i'll also be doing the dream and nightmare contest, i can't get the image of bubbles in my head whenever i think of that. other than the bubbles, it's just random flicks of things in my head.

art update


Finally, I was able to make a quick painting (although it's black n white..). I wanted to capture a very bright light on her skin to create contrast. it looks so undone. maybe i'll refine it in the future but it won't be a speed paint anymore..

so i present, an unrefined, spur of the moment creation.

art update

three takes of one subject

This one's made to look like a vintage shoot.
This one, i used textures to make it look like an old photo.
This is the original composition.

black hole

i am so uninspired whenever i'm at work. it's the imagination's vacuum.

online school: not for me

i came across schoolism from a post at deviantart, and thought it was a great find. it gives everyone a good chance to access lessons given by some top artists. so i registered. i chose to enroll in a class. and what the hell.. it is so expensive. the class consisted of 9 lessons which costs ~1000 USD (that's like P50,000). they offered a self-taught version which costs around 50USD! waaah! i could already enroll for one whole sem with that amount. such a shame. why did they have to make knowledge so expensive and elitist.

art update

Portraiting: Johnny Depp

i finished this piece 2 weeks ago. my first time try at digitally rendering someone else's face. fun practice and fulfilling. one note, since you've got to be staring and zooming in and out of the face, choose a face you can look for long hours. (this was originally posted at deviantart, hence the sig.)

Vintage: Shakespeare in Love

Inspired by Taylor Swift's Love Story. Just wanna do a romantic thingy. It was originally meant to show an adulterous Romeo. While doing it though, I made them legit lovers. The girl's dress did not turn out how i liked it to. It was supposed to look like one of Amsale's dresses.. Need more clothes practice. (also originally posted at deviantart.)

I wish i could join this week's CHOW. I wanna do Egyptian gods. I'm thinking of doing Ma'at. Hmm..


the blog is begging me to write (though there is nothing to put up yet).

i got corel painter essentials 4 during the weekend and its a whole new painting experience. i like it much better than photoshop mainly because i can blend colors much easier. but i agree with other reviews on the detailing part - use photoshop. at first i was struck with shock and awe coz there were just too many brushes i wanna try. now i'm down to using just four and i'm making some decent progress.

art update

i joined a komikon contest recently, a concept art of an underwater creature. when i found out about that i was already browsing through conceptart like hell. and i thought, this is how i ought to be in the future. { in the near future i hope. (in the very near.) } bottomline, i joined with my five months worth of photoshop+wacom experience. and after a week++, i came up with this: (this is just a part of the original image)

romei, nihongo for ephemeral.

she's a deep sea creature. the type which gets by with no sunlight at all. how she came to be is unknown. what is known is that she has been a prisoner of the abyss for thousands of years. (note: really really long time and since it has been that long, the reason for her imprisonment is unknown) she is immortal and gets to live one day of freedom in every millenia.

this won third place. :D


it has become a ritual of mine to mark the beginning of everything.

and that is the purpose of this post.