art update

Portraiting: Johnny Depp

i finished this piece 2 weeks ago. my first time try at digitally rendering someone else's face. fun practice and fulfilling. one note, since you've got to be staring and zooming in and out of the face, choose a face you can look for long hours. (this was originally posted at deviantart, hence the sig.)

Vintage: Shakespeare in Love

Inspired by Taylor Swift's Love Story. Just wanna do a romantic thingy. It was originally meant to show an adulterous Romeo. While doing it though, I made them legit lovers. The girl's dress did not turn out how i liked it to. It was supposed to look like one of Amsale's dresses.. Need more clothes practice. (also originally posted at deviantart.)

I wish i could join this week's CHOW. I wanna do Egyptian gods. I'm thinking of doing Ma'at. Hmm..


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