thrown out of my home

my apartment got flooded because of typhoon ondoy - the whole first floor. good thing i was already awake when it started. (i initially placed rugs under the door, lol. who would've thought it would get worse?) the water quickly went up, the roaches went in(yuck yuck yuck), the washing machine floated downstairs, and i was rendered incapable of doing anything. good thing i was able to get a pack of biscuits and water! and good thing my neighbors were kind, gave me food and helped me bring up the washing machine to safety. two weeks after the flood and my life has not gone back to normal. i am unable to practice any art, join any CHOWS, or go back to my apartment. i'm off to clean it during the weekends. i just hope the storms don't hit us like that again.

hopefully i'll get to post artworks again next week!