IF: Prehistoric - The Invention of Painting

"what are you doing?"
Good thing little Gugu started playing with those red thingies on the floor.

Still on time for illustration friday. This has been sitting in my sketchpad since the weekend but i was on vacation at indonesia so i wasn't able to start on it. :D Plus me and jim were watching a lot of House. :P

As usual, done with photoshop.  I wanted this one to be really simple, i used the lasso tool a lot and i've finally managed to stop myself from shading and rendering skin - and there's a lot of skin in there too.

A couple of wips:

Thanks for any comments and crits :D

Black Madonna

I wanted to try out something different but i'm not sure if i like it. It's kind of like a digital collage. The hardest part is the linework because i have naturally shaky hands :S

I've been doing figure drawing studies lately, it's difficult and intimidating, i feel like the book is judging me. Maybe that's why I seek comfort in drawing unproportional weird bodies, kind of like this one. it's fun and liberating. :D That doesn't mean i give up on figure drawing, though. Love and hate thing.

I'll probably be giving this to my mom. any comments? crits? are the colors all over the place?

IF: Savour

At the rate he's chewing, they will surely lose.. Is it wrong though, to savour every bite? :D

For those unfamiliar with what they're doing, apple eating contest is one of the common party games in my country. You hang up apples and you're not supposed to touch 'em while eating. First team to finish, wins! :D

I need to learn how to unify my images..and colors, and anatomy.. oh..so much more to study.