IF: Satellite

full moon rising on a city scape = an awesome sight.

kid sketches

for a project with a friend :D


i found a fun way to learning illustrator - making these cutesy monsters! :D The tutorial was from blog.spoongraphics

Trying out Illustrator

Just figured I'm gonna have to learn illustrator.  This one's from a tutorial of a bunny drawing.

words and books

I feel also that talent must be in company with a capacity for unlimited effort, which provides the power that eventually hurdles the difficulties that would frustrate lukewarm enthusiasm.
- Loomis

I'm about to read Loomis' book "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" :D

And speaking of books and reading books (what did i say?), me and Jim have been going to the local library and I've started reading "The Last Elf" which I saw on a friend's blog. And on my way to the book I saw this funny title on display: "How to Cook Children". The illustrations by Colin Stimpson are ADORABLE! I wanna do something like that someday (oh pretty pretty please universe..)

IF: Trail

I'm hours late for 'trail' topic :( I'll post it anyway in case anyone's still interested to see it.  Now moving on to 'ripple'..

I think I should stick to simpler drawings next time.  But this was so fun to do :D I'm now in love with children's book type illustration. Anyone have a job for me?

Little Laine couldn't go to sleep. She can't stop thinking of the cookies her mommy baked this afternoon. It was golden brown with huge chunks of milk chocolate and smelled so delightful. She thought she could have one for dessert but mommy said "Not till tomorrow."  Little Laine waited until all the other lights were out and went to the kitchen.  She should be quiet like a ninja so she wore her fluffy panda slippers. She found the cookies in the fridge and took just one. Then took another one. Then took another one. Then she heard steps coming to the kitchen so she got one last cookie and hid in the shadows.  Too bad for Little Laine, crumbs of cookies fell as she was running, leaving a trail of her escape.

First Attempt at..

Web graphics!  Here's a logo I did for my fiance:

IF: Slither

Do earthworms slither or wiggle or creep?

I used to meet an earthworm a day in my old apartment, in the toilet - Eep! Anyway, i tried out using textures c/o mayang.

This was fun! New thing - dreadlocks kids!