words and books

I feel also that talent must be in company with a capacity for unlimited effort, which provides the power that eventually hurdles the difficulties that would frustrate lukewarm enthusiasm.
- Loomis

I'm about to read Loomis' book "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" :D

And speaking of books and reading books (what did i say?), me and Jim have been going to the local library and I've started reading "The Last Elf" which I saw on a friend's blog. And on my way to the book I saw this funny title on display: "How to Cook Children". The illustrations by Colin Stimpson are ADORABLE! I wanna do something like that someday (oh pretty pretty please universe..)


Áurea said...

Hola, bonito tu blog, no conocía a este ilustrador y tiene un estilo de dibujo precioso, me encanta! muchas gracias por la aportación :)

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