Going Traditional: Lord Snow

Another pencil drawing, this time of Jon Snow. For the background, I scraped a black chalk pastel and then scrubbed the dust using cotton. I then erased parts of it to make the trees and snow. The result is messy! You can't control the powder so much.  I think I have to stick with just shading+smudging for now.

I had to edit the cloak in Photoshop because it was awful. I also did some adjustments using levels and curves and I placed a Color layer on top to change the colors to a bluish hue.


Going Traditional: Pencil

I did a realistic Daenerys with her little dragon but halfway I thought it would be more fun and more me to do a cartoonish one. I haven't rendered anything with pencils except for sloppy sketches so this is not as awesome as I wanted it to be. Even with an eraser, I found myself to be timidly applying strokes. I guess with practice, I'll get more confident. :)

(I still used photoshop, to edit the colors and the lighting.)

Going Traditional

So I am trying to train myself with traditional medium. Last weekend I went to an artstore, a very rare place in Manila, and bought new watercolors and a masking fluid.  (We also bought turtles that day, weee!)  I started playing around with it, and this is the most decent thing I got. This is very small, about 3R i think.

1. Don't use too much water, don't leave a puddle in your paper.

2. Paint OVER the masking fluid (duh).

3. For very small details/shadows, use a colored pencil instead.

4. Don't be impatient and let the paint dry first or else, it'll be very messy.


Lesson I stil have to learn: mixing colors


IF: Hibernate

A very literal take on hibernate.  I learned that pandas don't hibernate because there's bamboo all year long.   This panda has to find another friend to tag along with this winter.

I want to have more effortless-looking art so this is me doing that. I find it more charming. I tend to over-render my work, must be because a digital canvas can take more abuse.  I should really try doing traditional media, my paints are drying up.