This is not for PROJ 365, I have this set of post-its i got as freebies when i bought wonka. OCness tools of the trade.

Day 20: Trying Monalisa

Me and painter is an unstable pair. Now I hate it. This one was started with painter, and I scrapped everything i did there but the line work. So i'm back to photoshop.  I used the monalisa as reference for the lighting, and the eyes accidentally became similar to it (i think).

I started this project hoping to find my own style in painting but now, in my 20th day i find that i have overreached. I skipped the fundamentals and because of that i think my past efforts are just that - efforts. I have not improved nor have i gotten any sense of my style. With that said, i'm going to start studying - lines, anatomy, color theory, composition, etc.  That first and hopefully with time, i'll get my style down.  art can be so frustrating.

Day 19: Fanart

hehe, this is bound to happen. My roots are tied with anime anyway. Rukia from bleach. And and and i tried corel painter. It was a pain to use until i found the right brush! and there are a LOT of brushes, you'd lose your head. Plus, i really have very little experience with traditional media so it's harder. But i'm kinda loving it, i like how this one turned out. Around 1 hour i think, with most of the time choosing the brush that works best for me. 

PS. random colors are FUN!

- Day 16 (steampunk)
- Day 18 (snake charmer)

PSS. if i am to survive this project 365 i gotta start doing easier subjects and what subject do i find easier to do than faces. so yeah, expect a lot of faces. :D

Day 17: women wearing black

Day 16 is the steampunk piece i can't get myself to do, i don't know maybe i have grand illusions about it. bleah. Anyway. This piece is trying to be graphic and minimalist. did it succeed? i think it became too plain but the red is hurting my eyes already. (hmm red again, too much spartacus?)

Day 15: red

I want red hair. red hair rocks! Done while watching spartacus. That show loves blood. I don't know if i like it yet, i'm still in episode 2. This girl kinda looks like that kid from death note with white hair. I'm kinda lost with shading, i thought i had it in the bag but now i'm confused again.

Day 14: Layel

Just an OC from years years back. the eyes are weird i know. but whatever, i'm too tired of this. i'll just make a better one in the future. all my drawings have been pretty crappy theses days. i blame it on the steampunk piece i have yet to finish.

Day 13: couple's wallpaper

we have couple's shirts, so why not? this is not really wallpaper size, i know..

Finally blogger decides to work!

Day 12: From Amelie

I was not in the mood to do anything creative, so another quick thing from me. uninspired and crappy. i do love this movie for all time! i used to watch this every year. Actually, for today I was planning on just print-screening the restaurant city of jim coz he asked me to redesign his. I thought yeah that could pass as something for project 365 but it won't feel right so, here. it's 4am and i gotta sleep.
I also tried doing value uh studies (?) for the previous drawing. I don't know if this process is for me though.

Day 11: sketch

This is all i can come up with because it is 1 in the morning and it will be impossible to finish this and still get some sleep. so yeah, some days its just gonna be this or some studies. Actually, I do need to go back to studying anatomy again, so expect study sketches soon.

Something I'm wishing would look steampunk-ish. I don't know how the hell that hummingbird got there. I am not posting this on DA, figured this is gonna be so easy to rip off.

(Some well known artist in DA had her beautiful work copied by some loser who even tries to sell it on ebay. horrifying. that's the worst thing anyone could steal from you. Um, so now i'm kinda wary of posting stuff on DA, haha i'm not even well known. but imagine if that happened to me, no one would even hear me. )