Day 19: Fanart

hehe, this is bound to happen. My roots are tied with anime anyway. Rukia from bleach. And and and i tried corel painter. It was a pain to use until i found the right brush! and there are a LOT of brushes, you'd lose your head. Plus, i really have very little experience with traditional media so it's harder. But i'm kinda loving it, i like how this one turned out. Around 1 hour i think, with most of the time choosing the brush that works best for me. 

PS. random colors are FUN!

- Day 16 (steampunk)
- Day 18 (snake charmer)

PSS. if i am to survive this project 365 i gotta start doing easier subjects and what subject do i find easier to do than faces. so yeah, expect a lot of faces. :D


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