Day 11: sketch

This is all i can come up with because it is 1 in the morning and it will be impossible to finish this and still get some sleep. so yeah, some days its just gonna be this or some studies. Actually, I do need to go back to studying anatomy again, so expect study sketches soon.

Something I'm wishing would look steampunk-ish. I don't know how the hell that hummingbird got there. I am not posting this on DA, figured this is gonna be so easy to rip off.

(Some well known artist in DA had her beautiful work copied by some loser who even tries to sell it on ebay. horrifying. that's the worst thing anyone could steal from you. Um, so now i'm kinda wary of posting stuff on DA, haha i'm not even well known. but imagine if that happened to me, no one would even hear me. )


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