I decided to join The Sketchbook Project!  It has been two weeks and the sketchbook's not here yet :S I hope I get it next week and in good condition. But I couldn't wait for it and got to work on my first drawing. I'm also learning to use traditional media so it was a good practice.

You had to choose a theme for the sketchbook and I went with "The Last Word Ever Spoken".  It was tragic and dramatic and can be taken literally.  I don't think a lot :)

This is the final. It didn't go as planned because I couldn't control the watercolor! :S

I like seeing how other artists work, so I thought I'd take pictures while making it:

Annoying masking fluid :(  I let it completely dry before rubbing it out but it still ruined the paper.  Maybe I put too much? I'll try to stay away from masking fluid..

Finally, I outlined with colored pencils.  I thought it lacked movement so I used white acrylic for the vertical lines.  I couldn't find any white gel pen, that would have been better.

With the box bear ;)


Leen Christens said...

Ooh, I also like to see how others work!!! This is very interesting. I don't often use masking fluid and most of the time the paper is'nt torn, ussualy that happens when I let it on for to long (a day or two). Lots of fun with the sketchbook project, I had my book last year but I didn't had the time to fill it!!!

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