IF: Giant

kids, don't ever do this..

Who's small now?

i made a flat color and a shaded version, i like the flat one better. what do you think?

a friend said i should put watermarks in my drawings so i started placing them. but i think the drawing looks weird with it. :?


Jack Foster said...

Nina... hello! I like the shaded one better. Very cute! I didn't even see the watermarks till you pointed them out. So used to seeing them I guess.

ninya said...

:D thanks! good thing the watermarks are not so distracting as i thought.

Paul said...

hey, i also slightly prefer the shaded version... and i also did not notice the watermarks until i read the text of this blog entry. looking at it now, i think having the signature + the watermark may be a bit distracting // two bits of text in two different places. great work! :) [visiting from dA!]

AVeryGoodCoatRack said...

really nice! i like shaded :)

ninya said...

thanks for the comments guys, i guess the shaded one does look more finished :D

next time, i'll just use my signature for the watermark (why didn't i do that in the first place)

David said...

great idea for the topic! but I can't decide between flat or shaded, both are nice! :D

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