IF: Beginner and Safari

I was in wonderful boracay last week so I wasn't able to do last week's topic.  I had to cram both illustrations this week.  Add to that I'm in the middle of a project.  I must be crazy.. Well I'm just gonna have to cut my sleeping time (or my tv time).  :)

So continuing with the story:



I would have wanted to paint Safari like the rest but I don't have enough time so I did a minimalist take on it.  I still like how it turned out but I know I could have done better.

First: bicycle
Second: lesson


shay said...

very nice! i especially like the first image for 'beginner'...i also missed out 'beginner' last week (except my excuse was that i illustrated 'lesson' twice for reasons unknown to even me!)

Majoni's Illustrations said...

They are both great illustrations! Love the concept with both.

Sarah's Imagination said...

Both are really cool! I love your style.

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