Last year I quit my job and around February I started freelancing.  I got the sense of accomplishment that I never felt doing programming.  Not so much satisfaction financially and although it is unstable and nerve-wracking I still feel it is the best decision I've made.  Gone are the days when I hated waking up to go to work.  The only trouble is, I have to actively look for projects and balance my time wisely.  To other freelancers out there, how do you keep the projects coming? Any tips for a newbie like me?

Okay enough rambling, here are some of the projects I've been up to since Feb :)

This is a set of  around 50 images commissioned by Edventure Books (Singapore).

 This is also commissioned by Edventure Books.  It's a 7-page book for early readers, written in Mandarin.

Sneak peak of an ongoing project.  This one is the hardest yet just because I'm not used to Illustrator and because the files are huge! Backdrops, banners and flags for a project launch event.

That's it :) Here's to more projects to come! :D


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