nothing new today. nothing new for the last week actually. i feel really down, artwise. like i'm just wasting time and will never make it. it's fear of the would-be-failure. this is a horrible monster i'm facing right now. it got me stuck. my feet are cold (partly due to aircon) and they don't feel like moving.

i was looking for art scholarships a while ago but i stopped because i need money more than an art scholarship right now. it sucks to be a poor person with a dream. besides, do i have the guns to win an art scholarship.

i guess this year i ought to be more dedicated to my self-teaching of art, give more time to it. discipline is my weak point and if i am to get anywhere with my art dream i have to fight my laziness. easier said than done.

i have been at this a lot of times, trying to motivate myself but this pessimist in my head would not shut up. will i get anywhere? no use asking that now.

i hope things fall into place for me. this massive space could possibly align itself correctly and land me an art career. next year i hope i'm rich enough to do what i want. (yeah right, will we ever be rich enough?)


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